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When a new part is added to the database, or when
or when quantities of existing parts are raised, bar
codes will print as soon as a transaction is committed

NOTE: $transaction_number will soon be replaced
by an auto_incremented number that will be placed
in a record that will match every transaction that
will take place within the system. This will
include inbounding and outbounding items.
it is intended as a replacement for the LTS control
Transaction Table
Transaction Number Vendor Name Part Number Serial Number Bin Number Quantity
123456 Some vendor 54321 23456 10A1 1
The above table will be dynamically generated to display a given number
of previous transactions. Each time a part is added, whether it be a new
part or one alread in the db it will be reflected the same way, unless
there is a reason that the fact that a part was just added needs to be
shown. I don't know of one so...

I may also add a method to edit entries that are displayed in the table
as sort of a "just in case" something was put in wrong.